Friday, September 30, 2011

Sweet Moments

Last night Mia came into our room to lay with us because she was scared. While she was laying with us I vaguely remember a couple of conversations. At one point she woke me up to ask if she got lost and couldn't remember her phone number if Jesus would help her to remember it. I wasn't sure how to answer it, so I just told her (half asleep) that Jesus would probably help her to remember it but he also probably wants us to try to memorize our phone number. Later after I sent her back to her bed, she left then came back and asked if I would say a prayer for her because she was scared. I always have the kids say a prayer when they come to me when they have had a bad dream or are scared. We ask that Heavenly Father and Jesus will comfort them. It made me happy that she remembers and is starting to have faith in prayer. Even though I was half asleep last night, extremely tired and had her in my bed bed practically laying on top of me, it was a sweet moment.

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