Friday, January 14, 2011

No Shots!

Yesterday Ezekiel and Mia had their yearly well child checkups. With Ezekiel starting school this year I thought for sure he would be getting a couple of shots. In fact I was so sure that I bribed them with ice cream days before the appointment. But they lucked out, no shots! I guess since Ezekiel got all of his immunizations at his 4 year old check up that's all he needs for school. They even got lucky on the flu shot, they got the kind they suck in through the nose. Besides an appointment to be made to the dermatologist for some moles on Ezekiel, everything went great and kids are healthy!

Here are the kids waiting at the doctor

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  1. That was probably the best news they ever heard! Look how cute they are. Mia's hair is getting so long!